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Fangovich's Profile Picture
Lukáš Chlebovský
Czech Republic
17 | 壊れた
Bývalo to černý sklo, teď je to jenom černý srdce a černá duše v černým městě. Prodávám melancholii a skládám básně, ale klid pořád nemám. A jinak to už asi nebude. A asi už mi to je jedno.


Gone on a trip in a rocket ship
So I've been using FireAlpaca for a bit and I must admit it's really great for drawing, definitly better than Photoshop. And I love watercolor brush.
As what I love about drawing is that I can hide everything in there - every single detail may refer to something and that's great.
A fun fact: It takes 2.4 million kg of propellant to get to the Moon. That's quite a lot, don't you think?

BTW: I am really tired of hurting people because of my stupid behaviour.
Selfish Prayer for Light
Just bought a graphics tablet today. Been trying to do something but... yeah, didn't really work my way (yet!). Gotta practice much more and results will come, I hope. I was trying to draw some characters, but I didn't have patience for that. So, during my routine deep mood past 10 pm, I draw... this. I have no idea what it is but I kinda like it.

"The 5 Stages of Grief & Loss" as proposed by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross 
1. Denial and isolation
- words like "yeah, everything will be fine, just give it some time"
2. Anger
- moments, when I hate everyone around me, even though those people are as close to my heart as someone can get (to regret it afterwards when I realise I might just acted like a compete dick)
3. Bargaining
- IF that happens, everything will be just on point!
4. Depression
- not really depression, just shitty mood, usually occur in the night during insomnia
5. Acceptance
- oh I wish


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AuroraAkkaris Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
u spamer/stalker XD
ale i tak, děkuju za favy   ; w ;
Fangovich Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2016
I'm a simple man, I see something I like, I press like.
Za to, že krásně kreslíš, nemusíš děkovat. :)
nirakebe Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
díky moc za +favy! ;3
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Děkuji za watch! :33
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Děkuju moc za watch! OwO
Skittlai Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mníky za watch!

(nemňuvím mňoc mňobře česky, mňovládám mňouze mňaukovštinu)
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